Our Bistro

Our bistro serves you excellent food, prepared with ingredients of the best quality, which comes from known and trusted sources. We cook simply, sincerely, fresh, seasonal, green, thoughtful and delicious. In addition to the food itself, we provide an excellent selection of high-quality wines and, of course, other drinks.

Foods & Drinks

Look forward to a wide range of tasteful dishes and drinks. In addition to our napolitana pizza, we offer a wide variety of other options, both with and without meat (for all the vegetarians among us). One thing is for certain – there is something for every taste.

What makes us special


It is in our interest to act
sustainable which is why we only use
ingredients from our local farmers.


We only use fresh ingredients
of high quality to create our dishes,
prepared by experienced cooks.


Our pizzaiolos learned their craft from the world-renowned Italians experts, which makes our pizzas one off the best in town